Liveable cities through adequate urban speeds limits

Vibrant, attractive cities and communities need liveable public spaces. Streets and squares with their diverse functions are the face and backbone of communities. They shape the quality of life and urbanity. They have a decisive influence on whether people enjoy living in their city or municipality.
An essential instrument for achieving this goal is an urban and environmentally compatible speed level in motor vehicle traffic - also on the main roads.

BUT ... 

The cities and municipalities have far too narrow limits when it comes to imposing maximum speeds. The initiative, founded in July 2021 by the cities of Aachen, Augsburg, Freiburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Münster and Ulm, is therefore lobbying the federal government to allow the municipalities to decide for themselves when and where to impose which speeds - in a targeted, flexible and location-specific manner - exactly what the local people need and want!